7/20 Weeks out - Paul Oneid Bench and Squat 9.26.2019

It's been a long time since I've posted anything formal regarding my training because well, it hasn't been anything to write home about.  In April, I found out I had torn my IT band during a fluke incident where a small child ran under me while I was squatting. I've since taken 3 months off of squatting and deadlifting to recover.  I am now healthy enough to rebuild and think about getting back to competing. I have registered for the Hybrid Showdown Feb 1-2, 2020 in Miami, FL.  Time to get to work.



Things are rolling ahead of schedule, but I am tempering my expectations and really taking what the day gives me.  I have been dealing with a very fatigued lower back, caused by the volume I have been doing, along with some poor sleep and stress over the last few days. I used this as an opportunity to swap my SSB Squats on Saturday out for some belt squats and it paid off famously on my squatting and benching.  I have also been doing more walking and addressing some hip flexor tightness, which made a great deal of difference as well.  Here is a look at my weekly average Wellness Score from the MetriLife app, and for news on the update, check out the new MetriLife blog by clicking HERE.

All things considered, I am in a tremendous place to be 7 weeks out from the tune up meet and 20 weeks out from the Hybrid Showdown.  My plan is to just train through this first meet - get on the platform and hit some comfortable singles - then get right back into training.  I will decide at that point if I want to put knee wraps on or not.  My bodyweight is sitting 230-232lbs, which is comfortable for me.  I will not be cutting for either meet.

With the switch to high bar for my main squat work, I am starting to transition towards more competition specific lifts.  Lots of time to grease the groove!  The focus for me has been on getting my mid-back stronger and I feel that I have done that very well, given the way the weights are moving.  It'll be interesting to see the carry over to the main lifts.


  1. Floor Press - 365x3x3sets
  2. Incline - 305x5x4sets
  3. DB paused press - 3xfail
  4. DB CSR - 4x15
  5. Duffin Upright Row - 3x25
  6. Pressdowns - 3x20


  1. High Bar Squat - top set 230kgx8
  2. Comp Squat, paused - 230x5x3sets
  3. Belt Squat - 3x12
  4. SL RDL - 3x10
  5. Lat Pulldown - 4x12
  6. Copenhagen Plank - 2x(3x10sec)