A New Venture

Hi guys! I am very excited to be joining Paul here at Master Athletic as a coach and writer. Paul is someone I have a ton of respect for. He's a great lifter, coach, friend, influence, mentor and he's helped me grow a ton both in and out of the gym. As he's already mentioned Brian Carroll has decided to take Power Rack Strength in a different direction without sponsored athletes and I wish him the very best. He's the reason I was introduced to Paul, and he gave me the push to start competing again and at the time, I had no idea how much I had missed it. Getting back into powerlifting full speed has done so much for me over the past couple years, it's allowed improvement in almost every single area of my life and I'm not sure I would have gone for it again had it not been for teaming up with Brian, so I can't thank him enough for that, thank you Brian!


Currently I'm in off season mode and probably won't compete until the fall again. I've been rehabbing my left shoulder for over a year now, and I made some good progress today utilizing positional isometrics for external rotation. Other than the shoulder, my body feels the best it probably ever has. You can see in the video I'm overstocked on my left elbow because I was still guarding it, the last two inches before my chest have felt very unstable the last few months, after that set you can see I attack much more aggressively and I start to correct the tuck. I included the isometrics I used to accomplish this, I'll still have to run these every warm up but I can tell this was a missing piece to restoring the stability in my shoulder.

Warm Up

Pull aparts 50

Shoulder External Rotation PAILs/RAILs

Positional Isometric with Cable

Bottoms Up KB Press

Cat Cow

Bench 2

Close Grip vs 60lb Chains 8x3sets (235 Bar weight)

Close Grip 8x3sets (235)

Chaos Push Ups 75

Pull Ups 50

Bottoms Up KB Press 4x4 (20kg)

Hammer Curls 5x10

OH Rope Tricep Ext 5x15

Copenhagen Planks 3x30s