I am returning to the Platform! 21 weeks out - Bench 9.8.2019

It's been a long time since I've posted anything formal regarding my training because well, it hasn't been anything to write home about.  In April, I found out I had torn my IT band during a fluke incident where a small child ran under me while I was squatting. I've since taken 3 months off of squatting and deadlifting to recover.  I am now healthy enough to rebuild and think about getting back to competing. I have registered for the Hybrid Showdown Feb 1-2, 2020 in Miami, FL.  Time to get to work.

As many of you know, Jay Nera and I recently launched our new app - MetriLife.  I will be using MetriLife during my training leading into the meet to highlight how it can be used and also to see how greater self-awareness leads to improved performance outcomes.  I have already seen the benefits in my mental health, so I know how effective MetriLife can be!  

I am sitting 21-weeks out from the meet now.  I've been back to squatting for about 5 weeks and I'm feeling really good about the way things are rolling.  My short term plan is to compete Nov 1-2 in Edmonton at the ShellShock meet to shake the rust off.  I will not be looking for PR's, just to get back onto the platform and see where I am leading into the Hybrid Showdown.  In an ideal world, my 3rd attempts will be in the range of openers for the Hybrid Meet. I will be lifting in wraps at 242lbs.  Currently, I am weighing around 230lbs and simply don't want to cut to 220lbs.  I want to build positive momentum in my training after 4 years of being perpetually injured.  

This endeavour represents a shift in mentality for me.  I have no delusions about winning either meet, nor do I even care.  It isn't about anyone else other than me at this point in my powerlifting "career." I want to push myself and get back to the real reason I started lifting - as a vehicle for personal development.

Enough BS'ing though.  I'll disclose more as training gets rolling.  For now, I will leave you with my most recent training session:

Sept 8, 2019 - Bench

  1. Floor Press - 345x5/365x5 *all-time PR/ 335x5
  2. Seated OHP - 260x5x4sets
  3. Superset
    1. Paused DB Bench - 110x16/14/12
    2. Chest Supported DB Row - 100x15/15/13/11
  4. Superset
    1. Duffin Upright Row - 3x20
    2. EZ Bar pressdowns - 3x20
    3. Hanging SL Knee raise - 3x12

Now to go rock climbing with friends!