Paul Oneid - 8/21 weeks out Squat and Deadlift sessions 9.12.2019

It's been a long time since I've posted anything formal regarding my training because well, it hasn't been anything to write home about.  In April, I found out I had torn my IT band during a fluke incident where a small child ran under me while I was squatting. I've since taken 3 months off of squatting and deadlifting to recover.  I am now healthy enough to rebuild and think about getting back to competing. I have registered for the Hybrid Showdown Feb 1-2, 2020 in Miami, FL.  Time to get to work.

A very productive training week.  Sitting 8 weeks out from ShellShock and 21 weeks out from the Hybrid Meet.  This was the last week of front squatting and it could not have gone any better.  455x4 is an all-time PR for me and the paused squats afterwards were really comfortable. I am in a great spot as I transition into high bar squats next week.  

On the deadlift, still trying to find the best setup for me.  Although I have been addressing my mid-back strength in a lot of ways, I am still having trouble finding a stable position from which to pull where I can maintain my mid-back position and keep the speed I generate off the floor.  Regardless, I am feeling really strong.  Moving 260kg for doubles without stressing about it, on a stiff bar no less, is new territory for me.  I am definitely stronger and that is a cool feeling after the last year without pulling heavy.

My Wellness Scores have been sitting around 80% for the week, but I really need to be prioritizing my sleep better.  I have been burning the candle on both ends and need to be getting to bed a little earlier.  A few negative trajectories are coming to a head, namely 'Ability to Focus' and my 'Life Enjoyment.'  We will see how the heavier training starts to affect my Metrics.  I am really enjoying the new software update I have been testing and I know you all will love it.  

Check out the first post on the MetriLife Blog.  We will be sharing interesting news about MetriLife, our users’ success stories, as well as useful strategies you can use to improve your health and performance in mind and body.

9.9.2019 - Squat

  1. Front Squat - up to top set 455x4
  2. Paused High bar, beltless - 455x5x3sets
  3. SSB Good Morning - 4x6, up to 365x6
  4. Superset
    1. Lat Pulldown - 4x10-12
    2. SL RDL - 3x12
    3. Copenhagen Plank - 3x(3x10sec)

9.12.2019 - Deadlift

  1. SSB Pin Squat - 425x3x3sets
  2. Deadlift, stiff bar - 573x2x6sets
  3. Paused DL, at knee - 464x3x3sets
  4. RDL - 180x8x3sets
  5. Superset
    1. Pullups - 4x13
    2. Ab Wheel, knees on foam roller - 3x12