Paul Oneid - Hella Squattin'

The first week under Trevor's tutelage is almost complete.  Due to some travel I have coming up, I have expedited my week... this was perhaps a poor decision, but live and learn.  The weights aren't heavy, so recovery is perfectly fine.  Although my training is typically on the higher volume side, I typically do not do as high reps as Trevor has me doing on the main lifts.  It is definitely exposing some weaknesses/ inconsistencies in my technique.

Squat session today went really well.  The weights were manageable and I felt pretty decent throughout.  A glaring area of focus will be my mid back.  I need to do a better job of engaging my lats/ rhomboids on the SSB and front squats to keep me more upright.  That will be my area of focus moving forward on this day.  The addition on the Snatch Grip Deadlift was great and I immediately noticed why it was in there.  My lats and mid back were good and smoked.


  1. SSB Squat - 390x8x4sets
  2. Front Squat - 330x6x4sets
  3. Snatch Grip DL - 315/315/335x10
  4. BB SL RDL - 3x10
  5. Ab Wheel - 3x10

In keeping with Trevor's mantra, this was nothing special, just a lot of solid work.