Weekly Reflection - The Importance of a Structured Check-in

During a conversation with a client, we got to talking about the value of reflecting on your week during a check in. We got into this idea because we often forget why we make the decisions we make.

  • What was our mood was like?
  • How tired were we?
  • How hungry we let ourselves get?
  • Who was around us?
  • What were we doing that day? Etc.

When we reflect on an experience when it's still fresh in our heads, we're in a better position to be objective and come up with solutions or strategies to better manage our intake without taking away from the experience of any situation. Because, by now, there shouldn't really be any novel experiences.

Sure, we may go somewhere new with different people or a new restaurant, but it's all the same. We make the same decisions. There’s predictability and patterns for us to be aware of and remain cognizant of.  When we realize that, we can pretty much go into any situation feeling like we're in complete control and can course correct if we need to or pre-emptively make changes too.

This isn’t just a math game! It’s a game of human behavior and us, as humans, are predictable!

If you want to manage your diet, pay attention and get to know what kind of decisions you make and why, that’s how you can take control.