The Power of Self-Belief in Your health Journey

Self-belief is the thread that weaves together commitment, discipline, and determination. By doing what you said you would do, setting targets, taking consistent action, and keeping promises to yourself, you cultivate a belief in your abilities that propels you forward. 

Imagine you had a friend who was constantly bailing on you, not showing up when you needed them most… I’m sure you wouldn’t have much faith or confidence in this friend for very long, and trust would be broken. The same thing applies to YOU. If you don’t show up for yourself when you say you will, you will never build the confidence and trust you need to accomplish any goal.

Doing What You Said You Would Do: When you commit to a particular training routine or nutritional plan, following through on your commitment builds trust within yourself. It demonstrates that your words hold weight, fostering a belief in your capabilities.

Setting Targets and Defining Goals: Clearly defined targets and goals provide direction and purpose. When you set achievable milestones, you create a roadmap for your health journey, enhancing your belief in what's possible.

Taking Action to Build Discipline: Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishments. Taking consistent action, even when it's challenging, nurtures discipline, reinforcing your belief in your ability to persevere.

Keeping Promises to Yourself: Each promise you keep to yourself is a testament to your integrity and commitment. When you honour these promises, your self-belief amplifies, bolstering your confidence to conquer new challenges.

Staying Committed During Setbacks: Setbacks are inevitable in any health journey. How you respond during these times defines your character and belief in yourself. Staying committed through adversity reaffirms your determination and strengthens your self-belief.

Yours in health,

Olivia Oneid

Co-Owner and Coach, Master Athletic Performance