What's the Reason You're Not More Successful?


This one is going to hurt a lot of feelings.

Your self-limiting beliefs are holding you back from the success you want so deeply. If you’re not able to provide a high level service to the clients because you don’t have any, it’s all your fault.  While that may sound harsh, it’s actually an extremely empowering statement.  When it’s your fault, it’s within your power to fix and in this case, fixing the problem immediately results in more clients and a better service delivery.

Our biggest strengths also serve as our biggest weaknesses.  The same is true across the board.  Any individual that has a high drive towards success will have a critical eye on themselves, their product and their performance.  This is a major key in allowing for constant iteration and improvement over time.  It can also serve as a massive handicap because if I can always be 1% better, I am also likely never good enough.  This feeling of inadequacy brings with it a hesitation towards launching a business, producing content, acquiring customers and charging what you’re worth.  

Learning to get out of your own way takes time, but it starts with a simple shift in mindset around the perceived barriers associated with our online coaching business.

 “I haven’t achieved XYZ yet”

Waiting until you have some sort of monumental achievement before you believe yourself to be worthy of clients is consistently a letdown.  Just because your book isn’t finished being written, doesn’t mean someone won’t want to start reading.  Share your journey, your progress, your successes and your barriers.  Many people will be empowered through you and want your help to get them along that same path.  We want to be the product of our product and if you’re moving towards self-improvement, you’re already there.  Stop seeing your unfinished journey as a handicap and see it as an opportunity to gain the trust of your audience.

“I don’t have the perfect templates, video library, branding etc.”

The drive towards perfection is one that will rob you of progress.  You know who determines if any of these things are perfect?  The customer.  You know who will never see if it you don’t start getting it out there? The customer.  Who’s feedback are you going to use to make improvements? The customer.  It’s never going to be perfect unless it’s tested in the real world and you make changes based on the results, so get it out there!  This is called “Agile” project development.  Launch, test, iterate, repeat until infinity.

 “I need more credentials.”

The idea that additional conceptual knowledge is holding you back from coaching is perhaps the most deeply permeating fallacy.  Yes, you do need requisite knowledge to feel comfortable being entrusted with the health of others, but there is a simple fact that trumps all – unless you can create a strong coach-athlete relationship and achieve consistent adherence, none of the science in the world matters.  Physiology only matters when the psychology allows.  Someone with very little conceptual knowledge, but tremendous coaching ability will get better results for their clients than the inverse 10/10 times.  The only way to develop those skills is to coach people and work on them, not by sitting through lectures and reading books.

All of these reasons carry with them a single consistent theme and that is of a self-limiting belief.  The notion that you cannot do something because you’re unworthy of the payoff.  I suggest that instead of providing problems for every solution, you look towards the opportunities that are afforded to you.  In an scenario, this starts when you do.

 Get out of your own way!