Who is M.A.P.?

At Master Athletic Performance, we get you the results you want and teach you the habits and strategies to maintain it long term.  MAP is raising the bar for Online Coaching through a client-centred evidence-based approach.

With decades of experience, having worked with over 10,000 clients, our MAP coaches provide online coaching for training and nutrition, as well as mentorship to assist coaches in building and scaling their businesses for stability and longevity.

We give you the roadMAP to success.

Meet our Coaches

Paul Oneid MS. MS. CSCS

Paul is a Coach, Educator, Mentor and Athlete with a single goal - to raise the bar for online coaching.  He holds Master of Science Degrees in both Exercise Science and Sports Management and is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Certified Exercise Physiologist and Certified Olympic Weightlifting Coach with 15 years’ experience as a Strength and Conditioning Coach in varying capacities from youth to professional athletics.

Along with being the Co-Owner and Head Coach at MAP, Paul is also the Co-Founder of Coaches Corner University, an online platform providing a post-graduate level education in all things coaching.  As a competitive powerlifter, he has been ranked in the Top-20 All-Time in 2 different weight classes with best lifts in competition being an 805lbs Squat, a 430lbs Bench Press, a 725lbs Deadlift and a 1960lbs total. He is now focusing on transitioning to being a dual-sport athlete and pursuing bodybuilding as well as powerlifting.

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Olivia Michaud BSc.

Olivia is nationally qualified in both; bodybuilding (Wellness) and Olympic Weightlifting. As a powerlifter she holds the Canadian records in squat and deadlift in the 75kg weight class and is ranked 13th in Canada. She holds an Honors BSc in Kinesiology, diploma in Health & Fitness, NCI L2 Nutrition Coach & Hormone Specialist, as well as a female bodybuilding certificate. Along with being a Co-Owner at MAP, Olivia operates PeachGang Group Training

Olivia believes in sustainable, long-term changes that fit into your life seamlessly. Her approach is not just about what you eat or how you move—it's about transforming your relationship with food and exercise, empowering you to take charge of your health for good.

With a focus on sustainable change, Olivia helps clients break free from the cycle of quick fixes and fads. Her approach is rooted in understanding, tailored to fit your unique lifestyle and needs. Imagine a life where healthy choices come naturally, where you feel empowered and in control. Olivia's coaching is your pathway to that reality!

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Francesco Catalano 

Francesco is a father, husband, coach, and athlete. Having worked with 1000s of clients over the past 9 years, as well as competing in physique sports and powerlifting, he can confidently say he has the experience and passion to help you reach your goals. What sets him apart from others in the industry is that he sees himself as a real person first.

Francesco lives and breathes fitness but also understands what it takes to be a human. He understands that food goes beyond fuel. It’s what brings people together, it’s intertwined with their emotions, memories and so much more. He prides himself on being able to relate and empathize with his clients.

By asking the right questions, getting to know what his clients’ lives are like, and what they may be dealing with, Francesco can find an approach that works best through a collaborative effort.  Regardless of whether your goals are strictly performance, fat loss or composition related; Francesco’s passion, experience and knowledge can get you there.  

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Nat Galloway, CPT

Nat is a British Army Veteran with a passion for fitness and helping people achieve their best. During his six-years in the Army, Nat served as a British Army Rifleman. He also instructed and competed internationally in Combat Shooting. Nat began his personal training career while providing strength and conditioning training to the British Army Combat Shooting Team and has since worked with a variety of populations, including current and prospective service members, athletes and everyone in between.

Along with being a full-time coach with M.A.P., Nat is a competitive Powerlifter, Personal Trainer, owner of Galloway Media Photography and Chosen Men Barbell Apparel. Nat’s personal best competitive lifts are: 585lbs squat, 325lbs bench, 600lbs deadlift and a total of 1510lbs. Nat is currently training to achieve top 20 in Canada for his weight class.

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Carly Mcinnis MS Physio

Carly is a Pre-Registered Physiotherapist, Coach, and Competitive Powerlifter. She holds a Bachelor's Degree in Kinesiology from Ontario Tech University and a Master's Degree in Physiotherapy from Brunel University London, England. Carly has also achieved a Level 3 Extended Diploma in Sports Massage. 
Her love for the fitness industry started after recovering from a neurological condition - the second she was cleared to do so, she dove head first into training and never turned back. Carly's passion for the iron led to her competing in powerlifting during her time in England.  She competed at the National level in England in the 63 kg weight class. 
Carly's focus lies in strength training, movement rehabilitation and pain management strategies. As a Physiotherapist, Carly believes that training and rehabilitation should be interchangeable and has helped many people out of pain through her coaching and strategic exercise prescription. Carly does anything and everything that she can to help her clients succeed - no stone is left unturned. 

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Meet our Clinical Partners

Dr. Yannick Schultz, DC

Yannick is a chiropractor with a focus on movement and strength. He has a passion for fitness and bodybuilding. As a modern chiropractor, he takes an innovative approach to care, blending chiropractic and rehabilitation with movement and exercise to maximize human performance and decrease pain. His goal is to empower you to take control of your health, understand your strengths and limitations and educate you on ways to live life without pain.

Including his doctorate, he has acquired various certifications and training in soft tissue manual therapy, rehabilitation and exercise therapy, functional movement, nutrition, neuro-functional acupuncture and mechanical diagnosis.


Crystal Miranda, PhD Candidate

Crystal is a mental health professional currently working in corrections, providing treatment to inmates diagnosed with a severe mental illness. She holds a Bachelor of Science in forensic psychology, a Master of Science in Clinical social work, and is a PhD candidate in the field of psychology. Crystal’s research aims to better understand the experience of utilizing emotional states of consciousness to enhance performance among strength athletes.

Crystal is also the founder of The Healthy Mind Movement, a non-profit organization that wishes to promote mental wellness through evidence-based information and community immersion. In addition, Crystal is an adjunct professor specializing in various psychology based courses.