Carly's Testimonials

"I initially started getting coached by Carly with the primary goal of fixing my lower back pain. We have now reached the point where my lower back is a lot stronger with the pain having decreased significantly. Being stronger than I was pre- back pain wasn't something I expected in the short space of 3 months and I can't wait to see the progress that I'll continue making with Carly's coaching."
- Ria S.
"I am very happy with the way things are going with my coaching! Gotta say before the coaching I wasn’t in a very good place with training and was losing motivation. Was in the mud and since I’ve been training with Carly everything shot up like crazy and I'm very thankful for the time and effort she gives into helping me succeed in powerlifting. Absolutely killing it and I wouldn’t change anything at all! It’s always been a steady linear progression with my strength and size since being one of Carly's clients. Couldn’t thank her enough, very happy with the way things are going and looking forward to the future."
- Jack S.
"I started at 100+ pounds overweight, no structured activity or fitness and many physical restrictions due to previous surgeries or injuries.  Carly worked with me virtually and in person to build up my confidence and abilities and started me on my wellness journey.  I'm now a member of a gym, exercise regularly and have lost 56 pounds.  I highly recommend Carly to get you on track and to help you exceed your personal fitness goals."
- Tammy R.
"Carly’s extensive experience with training is evident in her programming. She not only helps you achieve your fitness goals but she also educates you along the way. She has an eye for technique and constantly advises you on how to improve."
- Naomi P.