Francesco's Testimonials

Francesco is a man of the people! I originally signed up for nutritional coaching to get back on track. I was very wary of this adventure considering the stress of a coach I had years prior. Thankfully, and gratefully, Francesco broke the mold and stereotypes of your classic nutritionist.

There are some general rules around food, but Francesco understands the nuance of the very real, very gritty, and very different background of his clients’ daily lives. Life happens and he helped me to embrace that. We have good days and bad days and his constant message was consistency. For me, what really helped me open up to him was how understanding he was when I would go off my goals. I’d feel like I completely messed it up and he’d very honestly say, “Yeah, maybe. But this isn’t about one day, this is about the long term. You haven’t ruined achieving your goals. It’s just going to take some extra time.”

Francesco sees his clients as people. He is an educator. He equitably reaches us all where we are at and never once did he make me feel bad for my binge eating days, or even weeks. He worked really hard to get to know me and my lifestyle personally. That information allowed him to help me find what path I wanted to go down. His use of the socratic method increased my awareness and that is what got me to change habits.

He is empowering, understanding, inquisitive, genuine, and real. Yes he is knowledgeable and has loads of experience as both a competitive high level athlete and as a family man, but it’s his personable nature that makes you fall in love with the process of self improvement. He makes you feel confident. He makes you want to do better and not with overwhelming adherence to detail. Just awareness of yourself and your surroundings.

Francesco is, without a doubt, the greatest nutritionist out there. I feel like he’s empowered me to take this journey alone now but I definitely miss our weekly check-ins, his sense of humor, and his realness to keep me grounded. You will not be disappointed signing up for nutrition coaching from the best in the bizz!

- Torie Whiteman


I met coach Francesco in 2015 when I had the ultimate goal of one day making it to the CrossFit regionals. In 2016, our team was fortunate enough to have that unforgettable experience. When I started working with him back then, I was introduced to the world of “MACROS.” IIFYM (If it fits my macros) was the lingo of the season, and there I was playing Tetris with my food for years. Coach Francesco at that time was so valuable to my nutrition journey, my goals, and my needs as a client. I maintained a lean physique for years to come after that. It worked for that specific season of my life, but when I tried to return to macros again, after my pregnancies, motherhood, trauma, and a new job, I failed miserably. 

I reached out to Coach Francesco again, 30 weeks ago. Where I expressed to him my frustrations of my failed attempts to lose weight. I shared my new life, and goals. I JUST WANT TO LOSE WEIGHT, I said. And then he began to work his master plan with me. He needed to know my current habits, my current systems, how many calories I had per day, per week, activity level, stress factors, and sleep. I tracked it all. But I was really frustrated with him at first that he didn’t just roll out a plan of change. Why wouldn’t he just give me macros, tell me what to do to lose the weight, and call it a day? That was not at all how Coach Francesco worked, he wanted to fine comb all of my current systems. My systems were completely off. And his goal was to help me adjust and each one of those areas of my life by a small margin. He wanted me to be successful for the rest of my life, not just for now.

For months I wanted a “quick fix,” but he kept reminding me that we needed a foundation, a system that would be automatic in my response to food, and life choices. FINE, I said. Little by little the “Bathtub” analogy made sense. He described my journey as a bathtub full of water. I’d have a cup and each day I’d empty out the tub with that cup. No difference would be seen at first, until we got mid way. Then a drastic change from all of the small changes I would make. Our relationship was honest, brutal at times, haha just ask him how he feels about supplements, but he had a purpose.

He never allowed me to restrict myself from any food group, not even alcohol. I never missed a social event, I never skipped eating out with friends and family, and never missed an opportunity to take on dessert (Ice cream is my weakness!) Best part, i learned that there is no such thing as “cheat meals!” They are just “meals.” That honestly removed the stigma, the shame, and guilt behind each meal. I also did not track macros!! Just calories! Coach Francesco has forever changed my life, especially in this season.

Family first, he kept reminding me, and life is never meant to remove the important factors of it, even food, and social events. He used a plan that worked for me today, for the now, and this season of my life. His work is top notch, and highly recommend him on all levels. His words carry so much value, and he even shares his own vulnerability in his responses to my check-ins. I felt seen, heard, and most of all empowered. Thank you Coach. For helping me find my own way.

- Flor De Liz Matus