Nat's Testimonials

“With Nats coaching I was able to achieve so many goals of mine. With only 5 months of having Nat as my coach my technique and strength has improved enormously. Not only did Nat help me become a better lifter, he also helped me become a better version of myself, physically and mentally.”


- Cassidy Michaud


“For the past 5-6 months being coached by Nat, he has been incredible we were able to bring up all 3 of my lifts by 40-50lbs and not only did he help me get stronger, he's also been the person that has helped me gain more confidence and more motivation to get better every day! I am more than excited to see how far we can take this.”


- Alex Porter


"I started training with Nat to help strengthen my back after over a year of physiotherapy and chiropractic treatment. Nat developed a program specific to my needs, and I started feeling stronger, with my back pain quickly becoming a thing of the past. I continued training with Nat to improve my overall strength level and now feel stronger at 61 than I did in my 30s.

Nat is a knowledgeable coach who creates a friendly and positive training environment. He clearly explains each exercise, and his precise comments and observations have helped me exceed my fitness goals."

- Neil Hunter


"Nat was recommended to me by my chiropractor because the hip problems I was experiencing were actually related to my weak glutes. Nat took time with me at my initial assessment to understand my objectives, and also to test my mobility, flexibility, and strength. From the very first training session, I knew Nat was exceptional. I have worked with several personal trainers in the past, but none have understood physiology, movement, positioning, and adapting like Nat. He helped me unlearn some improper movement patterns and rebuild my strength in a very short time. He knows how to get the most from you in a short amount of time, and his good sense of humor and warm nature make training sessions enjoyable. I can't recommend Nat enough!"

- Janice Wiggins


"Your training programs have been instrumental in improving my quality of life.

I began this program because I was told that I needed a hip replacement but to try to wait another decade until having the surgery done. At the time, I didn’t think that was going to be feasible because of how much my hip hurt from things like sitting and walking for too long.

When I started, I did not feel comfortable doing a squat because it hurt my hip, and I was afraid I might fall backward. It’s amazing to reflect on my progress, as I went from having to squat over a box or bench to trap bar deadlifting 100 pounds in one year.

My hip feels so much better, and I am able to function with significantly less pain day to day. Not only do I know I can put off my surgery for years to come, I sometimes question if I will need it anymore because of how strong and solid I feel."

- Rachel Traynor


"The level of training supported my needs. There was special attention to the type of workout depending on the situation, for example, such as back pain or upcoming swim competitions.

The sessions made it possible to acquire more strength, flexibility, and confidence, which applied to everyday living as well as swimming.

Highlights: excellent expertise, reliability, steady progress. Areas for improvement: I truly cannot think of any as my needs were being met."

- Lilliane Cardinal (Competitive Master's Level Swimmer)


"When I first started training with Nat over a year ago, I had limited experience with working out and very little knowledge about weight training. He helped set realistic and obtainable fitness goals by creating a custom workout plan for me and has tweaked my workouts as needed to ensure my success. When I attended a session with questions about eating better or different exercises, Nat would answer thoroughly and in a way that made sense to me. He is the first trainer I have found success with on my journey to becoming stronger and healthier. I would highly recommend training with him!"

- Caroline Butler


"For the past 3 months, I have received online coaching from Nat. He is an exceptional coach and is so knowledgeable and great at what he does!! As someone new to powerlifting, I absolutely loved following along with his weekly program and valued his thorough feedback on my videos. By listening to him and incorporating his advice, all 3 of my lifts have greatly improved, and so has my range of motion!!! I’m stronger, more confident, and overall happier in the gym now than I was 3 months ago. Thanks for everything Nat!! I’m so excited to keep going and continue my lifting journey."

- Sara Beattie