Terms of Service

Disclaimer: Master Athletic Performance does not employ registered dieticians or medical practitioners. Recommendations are for educational purposes only. The decision to follow these recommendations is at your own discretion. If you have medical concerns please consult your family doctor.


  • 3-month minimum commitment for training and nutrition
    • 1 subscription pause is allowed, up to 60 days.  This is effective after the initial 3-month commitment has been completed.
    • Additional pauses are allowed at the discretion of the coach.
  • 45 minute on-boarding call is mandatory upon registration, at a cost of $100
    • This is at the discretion of your coach. In some cases a call may not be required.
  • Initial plan will be sent to you within 72 hours after initial call and completion of appropriate documentation, pending payment.


  • 24hrs turn around time for email and nutrition check-in communication.
    • LATE check-ins are not guaranteed a 24hr response time.
  • 48hrs response time for video reviews.
  • Questions requiring quick responses, please email your coach with the word “URGENT” in the subject line.
    • Please avoid using social media platforms as a means of urgent communication.
  • One 30 minute video call is available each month, additional video calls are at the discretion of your coach.
  • The discord channel is a public forum, past and current clients have access. The decision to share private information is at your discretion.
    • Please follow community guidelines. 

Subscription, Cancellation and Payments

  • Subscription payments will be charged monthly on the initial order date.
    • If the order date needs to be changed, please discuss with your coach.
  • 24 hour notice required prior to payment date for cancellation.
    • Once a payment is processed there are no refunds.
    • It is your responsibility to notify your coach regarding cancellation if you wish to discontinue service. Payments will continue unless your coach is notified.
  • If service pricing is subject to change, you will be given at least 60 days notice.
  • If a payment does not go through, your coach will make contact within 24 hours, and a resolution must be achieved within 72 hours to the best of our abilities. 

Meet Day/ Competition Coaching

  • If you would like your coach to travel to your competition, all travel expenses are to be the responsibility of the athlete.
    • This includes transportation and accommodations
    • An additional fee will be decided between you and your coach to compensate for meals and time.
  • If you would like your coach to be available for virtual coaching on meet day, including video review, feedback and planning, there will be a cost of $100.00 payable prior to the day of the meet.
    • Coach must make themselves available for timely feedback, therefore if an athlete would like their coach to be available for this option, 60-days notice must be provided.
    • If the coach is not available on your competition date, see next point.
  • All competitive athletes are entitled to a 30-minute game plan call prior to their competition date.
    • During this call, a plan will be developed to ensure the athlete has a schema to navigate attempt selection at their competition based on their performance and circumstances.
      • You are responsible for choosing the numbers the day of the competition based on the plan developed with the coach.
  • All competitive athletes are entitled to a 30-minute debrief call after the competition to discuss the outcome with their coach and identify an action plan for the next phase of training.


  • All information shared with your coach is considered confidential and our best efforts will be made to prevent data breach or loss.


  • Your coach is permitted 1 week of vacation per quarter.
    • During this time, only emails labelled ‘URGENT’ will be responded to within 24 hours, please allow extended time for non urgent communication. No video calls will be available during this time.
    • Training plans will be sent in advance. Video reviews will not be completed at this time, unless during competition prep.
    • Nutrition check-ins will be completed in an abbreviated fashion.
  • 2 weeks per year, your coach is entitled to full vacation where communication is not available. At your coaches discretion exceptions can be made when in competition prep.
  • Major holidays including Easter, Canadian Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve/Day, Boxing Day, New Year’s Eve/Day, Canada Day, and Labour Day all communication will be deferred to next business day.