Master Athletic Performance

Raising The Bar for Online Coaching

Master Athletic Performance

Raising The Bar for Online Coaching

The Raise the Bar Mentality

The Hero of this story is YOU!

R - Reset Your Attitude For Success

Resetting your attitude for success starts with being open to change, actively seeking opportunities to face challenges head on and being ready to collaborate with your coach during the process.  You’re not alone in this, so take a deep breath and get ready for a fresh start.

T - Take Action

The number one way to guarantee failure is by avoiding it.  We don’t do that - we don’t even believe in failure.  We believe in learning opportunities.  Any world champion has lost, but they learn from those L’s and they keep moving forward.  Failure only exists when you give up and we’re right there with you to expedite your learning process and keep you moving forward.  

B - Bet On Yourself

We believe in radical self-ownership and the notion that you create the world you live in based on your actions.  You have the power to completely transform your life and achieve any goal that you set for yourself.  If there was one person you could rely on in your life, it better be you.  We’re here to help you step into that power and make it a habit of keeping the promises you make to yourself.


Meet the Team MAP Coaches

All of our MAP Coaches have a single goal - to help you Raise the Bar in your own pursuits.

With decades of experience, having worked with over 10,000 clients, our MAP coaches provide online coaching for nutrition, training and injury risk mitigation, using these as the vehicles to unlock your highest performance in your life and in your competitive arena.

We are setting the standard for what coaching online should be and providing each one of our clients with all the tools, support and guidance they need to reach their goals. 

You are the hero of your own story!


Find answers to frequently asked questions about the value and offerings of CCU

What is CCU?

Coaches Corner University (CCU) is a modern community that provides scientifically supported training, nutritional, coaching methods, and practices to coaches.

How can CCU help?

CCU offers hundreds of hours of content, articles, and discussions on strength and conditioning, nutrition, and coaching practices. The information is designed to provide actionable insights and tools for immediate results.

Why choose CCU?

CCU cuts through the noise and provides meticulously curated scientific information from around the globe. Elevate your coaching standards with CCU.

How to join CCU?

To join CCU, simply sign up on our website and gain access to the best practices for you and your team/clients.

What results can I expect?

By following CCU's scientifically supported methods, you can expect tangible and healthy results. Our content is backed by science.

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