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What do our clients think about MAP?

My profits have increased substantially.  I have more free time.  I have structure.  I have less stress than I've ever had being self-employed. 
I've had an online footprint long enough that when it came to finding a business coach, I didn't have the traditional pain points that a lot of coaches have when they're first starting out.  While I'd spoken with a number of business coaches, they either understood business, or my niche, but not both.  When I found out Paul offers a business mentorship, I jumped immediately without question.  The wealth of knowledge, experience in helping others, and experience in growing his own business is so much a result of the time he's working through the growing pains that I was a little lost with.  Paul took the time to get to know my business in depth with a collaborative feel- and through working together, has coaxed and nurtured the vision for where I want to go to be higher than I would have set for myself, unrooted previously fixed/self limiting ideas, and supported my weak points while leveraging my strengths.  The net effect has been transformative: I'm running an entirely different business.  More than anything, Paul gave me something that I feel he is uniquely qualified to give based on his experience and the way he engages with his mentees: hope for what can be, and a definitive plan to get there.

Dani Lamartina DPT, CSCS, IFBB Pro and Pro Powerlifter

I have been working with Paul Oneid for 5.5 years. I began before I was employed in health and fitness, and in that time period I have gone from a trainee, to a personal trainer, and now to a business owner employing other personal trainers. Paul's mentorship was crucial in that transformation. Learning relationship building, developing rapport and most crucially coaching the athlete in front of you was fundamental in my development as a health and fitness professional. I would strongly recommend mentorship under Paul for anyone looking to develop the art of coaching. 

Stuart Locke, Head Coach Kodiak Barbell, Pre-Script Barbell Head Coach

Working with Paul has helped me elevate not only in the gym and on the platform, but in other areas of my life as well. He takes into account other aspects of life and creates a plan that is tailored to your needs and what you have the capacity to handle at that time. As a coach myself, one thing I've learned from Paul is to create a plan for your lifter, don't try to make them fit into your plan. This means things will change, it's ok for things to change, and progress can still happen with those changes. Grateful to be able to work with Paul, and I plan to for the foreseeable future!

Lexi Leneau, Head Coach Rivalry Strength

I choose to work with Paul, not only for his coaching expertise, but for his ability to keep me accountable to my goals; personal, professional and of course fitness. Paul’s professional, “straight shooter” style and structured approach to life is what makes him and his clients successful. Having Paul in my arsenal is a non-negotiable for me. 

Nick Haince, Owner and Head Coach Capital Training Systems

Paul has been seamlessly writing my programming and coaching me in powerlifting for the past 3 years now. Through endless ups and downs in sport and in life as well, Paul has been there for me in more ways than just critiquing form and planning out my training. His expertise is something I can value as a coach myself, and I know that with whatever comes my way, having Paul in my corner puts me at my best to take it on. I can’t thank him enough for the hard work he’s put into me as an athlete over the years. 

Allie Jennings, Coach at Kodiak Barbell

I hired Paul to bring focus and structure to my at-home training during the pandemic. Paul’s extensive knowledge, perceptiveness and compassion made it easy to build a trusting relationship. I quickly gained strength and was able to correct movement patterns, which allowed me to recover from recurring injuries. Paul’s coaching has brought confidence to my lifts and my life. His ability to adapt my programming to fit my needs and still see results has taken my training to another level, hitting PRs nearly every week for several months. I have gained far more from my time working with Paul than I ever imagined and I look forward to a strong future as a master athletics athlete. 

Michelle Drouin, Badass Single-Mom and Engineer

I’ve been working with Paul for over 5 years now, and when we started together my lifting technique was pretty bad and I had no structure in my training. Under his smart coaching, we brought my squat from 600lbs to over 700lbs, and my deadlift from 700lbs to over 800lbs. He adapted my training to fit my goals and my lifestyle over the years, and kept me injury free even though I work a physical job. He’s helped me grow as a lifter, but also as a person. Hiring him was the best decision I made for my training.

JC Dube, Pro Powerlifter

I hired Paul this past year as my Strength Coach & then Later as a Business Mentor. Paul's support & guidance has helped me to achieve goals that I had planned years down the line in weeks to months. Words could never come close to describing the amazing knowledge & value he gives. Reaching out to Paul was THE BEST decision I made. 

Mere Paci, Coach at Scooby Prep

Paul has done so much more for me as a coach than just giving me training and nutrition to follow. He cares about all aspects of his clients lives and he has definitely helped me overcome some major roadblocks in my life over the past 2 years. Forever grateful for a coach like you.

Jackie Macdonald