2024 is HERE!

Ready to conquer your goals in 2024?

It's tempting to dive headfirst into the new year, filled with thoughts of what we want—or feel we "should"—accomplish. But let's hit pause and reflect on 2023 first.

Remind yourself how far you’ve come (and celebrate that) instead of constantly feeling far away from an ever-moving goal. Before sprinting towards your 2024 goals, take a moment to look back on the past year and acknowledge your achievements.

Now, think about how you'll approach the goals ahead. This practice is both uplifting and strategic. It allows you to appreciate your progress from the past year, even if there are lingering wishes for more. Plus, it sets the tone for the upcoming year.

Ready to give it a shot? Follow this guided exercise 👇🏼

Step 1: Look Back

Reflect on the past year…

▶ What did you invest the most effort into? Any specific goals, skills, or projects?

▶ What achievement are you most proud of? Celebrate those small wins!

▶ What else would you have liked to achieve? Acknowledge it and let it go.

Step 2: Look Forward

Anticipate the next year…

▶ What are you eagerly looking forward to? Exciting goals, challenges, or projects?

▶ What advantages do you possess that will boost your progress? Identify your unique abilities or superpowers. These are things you will need to remind yourself of when things get hard.

▶ What obstacles might come your way? Do you foresee any potential hurdles?

▶ How can you prepare now to prevent these obstacles? List ways to avoid obstacles before they occur.


Now that you've reflected, think about how you'll reward yourself for the excellent work. Consider celebrating your progress, even if it's a small reward aligning with your goals. 



If you feel like you need guidance, don't be afraid to ask for help.  Me and the rest of the MAP Coaches would be happy to hop on a call and chat about your goals with you and lead you in the right direction.  Just click HERE and we'll make it happen.

Be well,

Olivia Oneid

Co-Owner, Master Athletic Performance