Are You Struggling To Lose Fat?

Are you struggling to lose fat? I’ve got a solution for you!

If you’re trying to lose fat without wanting to actively diet, just simply do an audit of how you’re currently eating. 

The number one thing people do that completely stonewalls their fat loss is underestimate how much they’re eating. 

The foods they routinely eat aren’t satiating so they do not get that feedback that they’ve actually eaten much of anything. This can be misleading. 
We can consume 100s or 1000s of calories unknowingly or without much effort. Think of all the times you had a tasty drink from Starbucks or ate a bag of chips to yourself. You don’t feel much different afterward and if you did, you were hungry not long after finishing. 
These are extreme example but they help drive my point. 

Here is the solution!

Write down or take photos of everything you eat in a day (while trying not to change your behaviors) over the course of a few separate days such as a Monday, Thursday and a day on the weekend. Remember, our food choices change a lot based on the fatigue and stress we gain over the work week. 
After collecting that data, look for areas you can trim down on, eliminate or replace. This might be 2% milk instead of cream in your coffee, taking fewer trips to the staff kitchen, preparing one more meal for yourself on the weekend rather than going out. The changes should start off as simple and gradually change as the fat loss you want to see slows down. 
Start where you are rather than jumping right into where you want to be.  It's the small decisions we make on a daily basis that add up to big changes over time.
Baby steps,

Francesco Catalano
Coach, Master Athletic Performance