Is Snacking Killing Your Progress?

If you’re like me or most people, you have a hard time passing up on a good snack…or even a mediocre snack. You might say this isn’t you but when the stars align (and they often do) you find yourself grazing away.

What stars are we talking about? Your favorite show is on and we need a snack to pair that entertainment with. You walk by the kitchen to see your favorite cereal on the counter. You see your partner or a family member shoulder deep into a bag of chips. You’re cooking dinner and find yourself stuffing your mouth with ingredients the recipe didn’t call for. You’re at work, see the lunchroom stacked, and can’t help but think about indulging in the free and delicious goodies. I could go on and on and ON.

Some of the situations that I laid out would be in your control while the others, well, not so much. This is important. While not everything out of your control can be an excuse, it is something to be aware of. At home, you can choose not to buy the cereal, or strategically store it in a high cupboard. At work, you can’t get rid of the snacks, hide them, or ask that they not be available to you and your fellow coworkers. You could but you’d be quickly reprimanded if not by your boss, then your coworkers. Sometimes, being aware of what is around you or an association you have is enough to nip that snacking habit in the bud. Other times, we need to take real action. 

That might mean getting what feels…a little ridiculous. Not purchasing foods you’ve been known to munch on, placing those foods in hard to reach out of sight places, or, if you have to be considerate of others in your home, having a dedicated area that you’re simply not allowed to get into. We often do well with rules, and not stealing your significant other’s or family’s possessions is one we can respect.

Our environment goes beyond just our kitchen. It’s the people around us, the places we frequent…it’s anywhere and everywhere we are and all the people we’re with. The calories we end up consuming may seem negligible, but you’ll likely surprise yourself if you ever decide to add it all up.

If you’re ever wondering why your fat loss may have stalled or why you might be gaining weight, your environment might be why. Without tracking, weighing or being any more meticulous with your diet, just making changes to your surroundings or becoming more aware, might be the only change you need to see the results you’re after!

In health,

Francesco Catalano

Coach, Master Athletic Performance