Olivia's Testimonials


I wish I could work with her forever. I used to be a binge-eater and the occasional binge drinker. I’ve worked with Olivia for over a year now and she’s helped me not only build an impressive physique, but she mentally guided me to correct my flaws. Thanks the this woman’s persistence and patience I am now a better man. Oh and I’m probably going to add 100lbs to my total thanks to her but those are just numbers.
  • Jan Baert


What I love most about working with Liv is that she works with MY goals. She meets me where I’m at and I always feel like she’s setting me up for success. I wanted to find a coach that I could be honest with and someone who I knew was going to make decisions for my nutrition based on scientific evidence. She’s an amazing person and coach.

  • Morgan Huinker


Working with Olivia for my nutrition has seriously been life changing for me. I have loved the whole experience, and not just for the visual progress that I have made (which has been substantial)! Olivia has done an amazing job at actually COACHING me to learn how to find a dieting pattern and adapt new skills that are practical and sustainable for my lifestyle. She is so full of knowledge and I have been absolutely blown away by what she has to offer with her services! 10/10 recommend to anyone who is ready to make a change in their life!

  • Claire Currie


I decided to start working with Olivia for my nutrition at the end of March, 2022. I had recently done my first powerlifting meet in the 148 lb weight class and totalled 690 lbs. I set a goal to compete at 132 lbs at my next meet. I did not know the ins and outs of nutrition and I wanted to learn while working to achieve my goal. I was referred to Olivia, signed up, and had an initial plan after some initial consulting. Everything I received was completely foreign to me, but after a few weeks I completely got the hang of it and it became second nature after a few check ins!

Over the course of this, I had done two DEXA scans (one right before working with Olivia and the other 7 months later). From that time frame I had lost 9.3 lbs of fat mass and gained 1.6 lbs of lean muscle mass for a net loss of 7.9 lbs of bodyweight.

As for the main goal of competing at 132 lbs, I started at a bodyweight of ~150 lbs and dropped to ~137 lbs on average. We did a water loading/cut protocol on meet week to make the 132 lb weight class and it was a breeze. I totalled 771 lbs which was an 81 lbs total PR at a weight class lower.

I am happy with these results, but more importantly I am happy with the knowledge I have gained over the last 9 months regarding nutrition. I feel that staying consistent to a plan while learning the "whys", I can now manage cutting, maintaining, and gaining without getting overwhelmed.

  • Marianna Joyce


Olivia is an incredible coach, athlete, supporter, and teacher! I’ve had the pleasure of having her as my nutrition coach for 2 years. She’s helped me prep for many powerlifting competitions, how to handle eating on vacation, and losing weight after eating way too much going to weddings, parties, holidays, etc. I’ve had many check-ins going in feeling ashamed because I snacked too much or didn’t get enough steps in, but she always picked me back up and empowered me to have a better week. I’ve never once felt scolded after a bad nutrition week. Instead she’s been patient and very adaptive to my needs. Liv is also awesome where even though this is her job, she strives to teach us where we can eventually function without her and have a better relationship with food. Unfortunately, I can’t continue having her as my coach but I know I can always come back if I need help. Would absolutely recommend her as a coach!!

  • Christina Kasmer


I love working with Olivia. She is incredibly knowledgeable, helps me stay consistent with my goals, and is flexible enough to allow adaptations to any circumstances that come up in my life. It feels like I have actually built a relationship with her, and I continue to look forward to working with her.

  • AJ Durano
  • @ajdurano


Olivia’s ability to incorporate real-life scenarios with nutrition helps keep me on track without feeling restricted or guilty. 

  • Josh Perez


On paper, I pay for Olivia's coaching for nutrition, but the service she provides is overall wellness coaching. Beyond nutrition itself, Olivia has helped me with my relationship with food, and with my sleep habits, and consistently gives me practical tips for maximizing my wellness in every facet of my life, not just nutrition.

  • S.K.


Olivia is my first nutrition coach, and I didn't know what to expect when signing up, but she has been very kind and patient with me from the start. She has provided me with great tips to succeed in improving my nutrition. She is also very fast at responding to my questions through email, and booking calls are very easy. I am very satisfied with my progress so far and proud to be one of her clients.

  • Gabby Rodriguez
  • @gabaliciouss._


Olivia has an incredible ability to continuously adapt the plan to her client's current situation and needs no matter what their goals are. She genuinely wants her clients to understand what works for them so they can succeed, and always has great insight to help them stay the course. I've learned to always be honest and I can 100% trust the process.

  • Christian Caissie
  • @c2.fitness 


Olivia has been such a wonderful guide on my nutrition journey. She is showing me the path to help me grow into my own physical and emotional power!

  • Jenn Gray
  • @jennwenng 


Olivia has been incredibly patient with me and helped tailor nutrition to my schedule. So far we've seen me getting stronger and losing inches! She's always encouraging and holds me accountable, which makes the nutrition journey so much easier.

  • Cate Nealley
  • @cnealley


I started working with Olivia about 6 months ago with the intention of accountability and guidance to get my nutrition in check to lose some weight before my wedding while also starting a 75-day workout/lifestyle challenge. Throughout my time with Olivia I have learned much more than just tightening up my macros to lose weight I have learned to be patient with my body and fuel it correctly in order to do so and I have been losing at higher calories than ever before and feel great in my skin. Now that the wedding is over, Olivia is helping me to live in maintenance for a while and then to build some muscle, which I have never entered into muscle-gaining macro territory so I’m very excited! Hands down, Olivia has far exceeded my expectations of a nutrition coach and I am eager to continue our journey together.

  • Danielle Carlson
  • @danileecarlson


Working with Olivia has been great. She's supportive and incredibly knowledgeable. I appreciate that everything is delivered when she says it will be and there's always helpful feedback to keep you progressing toward your goals. Now I'm also following her strength program which is working great in addition to my nutrition protocol.

  • Gia


I appreciate Olivia's straightforward approach. Her insight, knowledge and support make working with her a pleasure. I can especially say that I enjoy that she switches things up when I least expect it, especially at times that I wouldn't have thought to do myself. I always look forward to her check-in responses.

  • Melanie Sagan
  • @gymahlc


Coach Olivia was and is the real deal. She practices what she preaches which was great for me to see that patience and hard work pays off. At the same time Coach Olivia understood that life gets in the way and helped me manage and improve my personal eating habits when life got in the way. She definitely empowered me to be successful in life after working with her, with awesome weekly tips.

  • Cesar Hernandez


Olivia has been an incredible force in my nutrition journey. The mindset work, weekly check-ins and feedback have greatly improved my understanding of and relationship with food.

  • Grace Webster
  • @trainwithcoachgrace